The Hydrogen eMobility AG has built
an excellent network of partners.

Institute for Innovative Technologies Konsortial-GmbH

The IIT Konsortial GmbH develops sustainable and innovative concepts in the field of innovative environmental technologies. Since 2006 the focus lies on hydrogen technology. In cooperation with the State of South Tyrol the founder of the institute Dr. Walter Huber not only built the first hydrogen filling station in Italy, but also launched the first fleet of environmentally friendly fuel cell buses in Bozen.

FEN Sustain Systems GmbH

The FEN Sustain Systems GmbH under the leadership of Dr. Ernst Fleischhacker consults HeM as a system partner. The role of FEN Sustain Systems GmbH is to provide strategic concepts for regions, communities and enterprises with a systemized use of sustainable resources. Currently, FEN is leading the project “The Zillertal Hydrogen Railway”, which is in the implementation phase.