Executive Board

Behind the Hydrogen eMobility AG stands an excellent team of experts from the fields of renewable energies, finance and technology.

Dipl. Ing.
Walter Sailer

Executive Board

As a graduate engineer in business and energy industry of Montanuniversität Leoben, he worked many years in a leading position at Shell Austria - heat supply units for district heating - energy supply projects in the field of biomass - heating and power plants, CHP, utilization of industrial waste heat, etc.
Most recently, he spent more than 20 years researching wood energy "CHP - wood gasification for green electricity and heat generation and increasing energy efficiency through drying with waste heat in biomass heating and power plants.

Members of the Supervisory Board

Univ. Dipl. Finanzökonom
Wolfgang Meilinger

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Univ. Dipl. Financial Economist Wolfgang Meilinger began his career in the banking sector, studying finance. He had a key part in building the world’s largest fund policy provider Skandia Leben AG in Austria. Subsequently he was active as a board of the Dr. Jens Erhard Investment AG in Austria. Recently he was a chairman of the Fundpromotor Investment AG.

Dipl. Ing.in
Barbara Wiltschi, MA

Supervisory Board

Dipl. Ing.in Barbara Wiltschi, MA, studied at the University of Leoben.
For 25 years she has been active in the Austrian building materials industry, where she held leading positions. Currently she is also a lecturer at the University of Leoben, teaching leadership competence and conflict management.

Norbert Frischauf

Supervisory Board

Dr. Norbert Frischauf is a High-Energy Physicist, Norbert is an accomplished technologist in diverse industrial and scientific sectors including experimental physics, electrical engineering and aerospace engineering. As such he has worked at CERN, the European Space Agency (ESA). Norbert is leading member in various associations (such as IAA, OEWF), lecturer at the TU Graz and the International Space University (ISU).

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